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About Becky:

Photographer. Actress. Author. Counselor. Home School Mom. Wife. Friend.

These are labels that have been placed on Becky, but she prefers something a little more like, "Girl who's figuring out what it means to be God's daughter."

Having been raised in a strong Bible-teaching church, Becky is passionate about relating God's Word to our lives in fresh and exciting ways.  She is drawn to stories that show faith in action.

"The Bible says it was written to teach us how to live today.  I believe it is relevant and practical for every area of our lives."

Becky holds Jesus up as the ultimate story teller.  She is always inspired by the effectiveness of a story to bring conviction and change.  "I named my son based on the prophet in II Samuel who bravely confronts King David.  The simple story of a rich man, poor man, and a lamb changes the heart of a king.  Now that's an effective story, and something to aspire to!"

Both words and photos can convey a compelling story, and Becky enjoys using both in her everyday life as an author and photographer.

In 2007, Becky began blogging to vent her creativity.  Also, as a home schooling mom, she wrote much of her own curriculum in the early years.  "I really wanted subjects that closely tied together the Word of God with science, math, English, and the arts."  That is how... (read more)

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